The approach is intuitive and depends on what needs to be done. Once an agreement is reached, projects typically encompass creative strategy, design and implementation.


An opportunity for us to acquaint ourselves and for us to comprehend how we can contribute to your objectives. We inquire about various aspects such as your business, the rationale behind your interest in enhancing the visual identity, and your envisioned path for the brand in the forthcoming years.

Once the project requirements are clear, we can provide an estimated price range and timeline. If we determine that we are a suitable match for collaboration, we will draft a comprehensive proposal for your review.


The proposal encompasses project timelines, a detailed list of deliverables, a set fee (which may have pricing options based on the complexity of the work), and standard terms and conditions. At this point, you may consider adjusting the deliverables to align with your budget or request additional design elements to be included in the scope.

Upon finalizing the project agreement, the initial invoice, typically covering 50 percent of the total fee, is issued. The remaining balance is due upon project completion and before the files are handed over.

Once the initial payment is received, work is scheduled. Time to get to the heart of the work.

One. Creative Strategy

Our creative strategy begins with a thorough discussion, either through a face-to-face meeting or a telephonic conversation, where we delve deep into understanding the client's needs, goals, and vision. This initial step allows us to gather valuable insights and ensure alignment with the client's expectations.

Following this discussion, we proceed with the client filling out a detailed design brief form, which serves as a roadmap for our creative process. The form covers essential aspects such as target audience, brand guidelines, key messaging, and project timelines. This step is crucial in providing a structured framework for us to work within and ensures that all aspects of the project are considered.

Once the design brief form is submitted, we then unleash our intuitive minds to craft a unique and innovative creative strategy. By allowing our creative instincts to guide us, we are able to develop ideas that are not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with the client's objectives. This approach enables us to deliver solutions that are both creative and effective, ultimately leading to successful outcomes for our clients.

Two. Design

Typically, several weeks are dedicated to crafting a design presentation for client evaluation. Since the initial plan has been sanctioned, it is customary to present just one or two digital concepts.

These presentations feature contextual mock-ups showcasing the application of the logo and visual identity in practical scenarios like sample advertisements, web layouts, vehicle branding, uniforms, corporate stationery, and other relevant collateral tailored to the client's industry.

Feedback on how well the design aligns with the established benchmark is crucial, allowing room for adjustments and enhancements to achieve the most impactful and enduring result.

Three. Implementation

All efforts are focused on ensuring efficient implementation. This could involve establishing social media profiles, crafting various posts, adapting identity guidelines for global offices, or consulting with print companies on cost-effective print finishes - whatever best serves the client's needs.

Clients are welcome to seek guidance on any aspect of design implementation, even months after project completion, for visual direction or assistance with future identity elements.


If you have any questions about working together then please do get in touch.