We are an independent brand design studio, providing intuitive, minimalist and comprehensive design solutions to game changing entrepreneurs.

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Born in 2011 via an alliance of Vikas and Kanwal, our company was formed to breathe life into projects for large business conglomerates and companies of one. Since our inception we have created logos and visual identities for hundreds of brands.


Strategy First Design

Strategy first design is the basis of our design philosophy. We create a design strategy around your brand story, target audience and business needs to achieve statistically measurable results.

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Brand Identity Design

A company's visual image, when nurtured carefully, fosters trust and instills confidence in various stakeholders such as customers, team members, partners, and investors. While the logo holds significant importance, it should always be approached in conjunction with the overall visual identity.

By creating comprehensive brand guidelines, consistency in appearance is ensured across all platforms. Over time, this reinforces the brand identity and eliminates the need for unnecessary customization since established design attributes can be seamlessly applied to new marketing materials.


From an hour on a phone or video call, to site visits. I can advise on how to elevate your brand from a design perspective, or give feedback on pre-designed ideas to help bring team opinions together.

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